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Creating intelligent property solutions and maintenance for commercial and residential 

We specialise in the delivering and management of all your building and property service needs, creating solutions to provide cost-effective maintenance programmes that will provide real residual and sustainable value to your business properties.

If you are building a new facility, refurbishing existing premises or requiring general property maintenance and facility help, our experienced team can work with you to deliver energy-efficient solutions that will support your business needs now and into the future.

At JLcom Group we are committed to working with you to ensure we get the most out of your property, we will research, plan and implement a redesign that takes full benefit of your existing premises, conquering any constraints.

What we do

Property and People are possibly the largest investment your business will ever make, so there is no scope for cutting corners when considering your property requirements.

The team at JLcom Group provide knowledgeable on property services and maintenance programmes, guiding each business discipline we deliver to a successful conclusion with minimal disruption to the day to day running of your business.

At JLcom Group we provide a full turnkey of property specialist services, including:

Interior Contracting
Architectural & Design
Property surveys
Property feasibility studies
Refurbishment & Interior
Bespoke works
Space Planning
Interior Design
Branding Guardianship
Signage & wayfinding
2D and 3D Rendering
Asset and Stock Inventory
Move Management
Architectural landscaping

The JLcom Group commitment

All JLcom Group’s project’s and client engagement meetings, from initial consultation to completion, are Director led and ensure correct level of support throughout the project and attending service level agreement meetings; monthly, quarterly, and/or annually as required.

The Team at JLcom Group are highly experienced and well respected in the property sector, we have unparalleled expertise with passion and ability to create safe, sustainable, and smart environments for our clients.

We are focussed on our client’s property assets and relationship between people, the property and how they manage and maintain their buildings (hospitals, colleges, hotels, shop, offices, restaurants, sports facilities etc). Our goal is to seamlessly integrate all property and facility services, producing an energy-efficient environment that delivers real commercial returns for every client we work with.

A property that is troublesome, easy to manage and that cares for the environmental impact of energy and utilities, will help support the needs of the staff, students, patients and/or visitors. This will also help drive and support productivity, improve safety and communication, motivation, recruitment and personal health and well-being (mental and physical). These are just some of the key factors that can be influenced and improved by ensuring our clients property is intelligent and economical to maintain, now and into the future.

At JLcom Group we fully appreciate our client’s property asset is likely to be the largest investment them or their business will ever make, therefore there is no place for complacency, neglect, or poor housekeeping. We help to give them return on their investment.

JLcom Group provides full Turnkey / One Stop Shop package of property and facility services as we guide each of our client’s projects and maintenance agreements to a successful conclusion with no / minimal disruption to their day to day operation.

Why choose us?

Our client’s property asset places an integral and important part to the success or failure of the products, services, education or/and health of the organisation or business.

The property takes in a vital economic / commercial role, from reinforcing a business’s image to providing an environment that allows the users to integrate and flow through the building with ease and safety.

We are a team of respected professionals who understand that maintenance and upgrading of your property can not only be costly and challenging but also can be extremely complex and disruptive. JLcom Group turn headaches and potential challenges within real estate into seamless solutions, with minimal impact on the operation of your property and business.

Expectations of what a client looks for within their property and what the building is delivering has been increasing over the years, so if your business or organisation have a strategy to attract and retain the most talented individuals, a sophisticated property is fundamental.

At JLcom Group we take care of all building regulations and standards to ensure whatever changes and efficiencies we suggest meet all current regulations and standards. We will appoint and select the most appropriate person from JLcom Group to work with our clients with a “can do attitude” providing continuity of service, supply, and aftercare.

Incredible things happen in intelligent properties, so stimulating staff, students, patients, guests and visitors will help revolutionise the way your business and service operate and often gives the first impression of not just your property but also your people.

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