About Us

JLcom Group are a highly experienced and well- respected Property Solutions and Maintenance company providing full ‘Turnkey Services’ for all your property services, commercial and residential.

JLcom Group has expanded over the years and have expanded over the years when they initially provided voice & data cabling infrastructure to businesses including Scottish Government and National Health Service (NHS). The JLcom Group have appreciated year on year growth and have extended their services to meet the demands and needs of their clients, with now a have a full range of property services that will support and maintain their client’s property portfolio to address every scope of services required.

The JLcom Group team have between them over 200 years of industry experience delivering solutions into various sectors including health, government, education, hospitality, private, retail and leisure. The JLcom Group are proud of what they have achieved and offer essential property services including: installations, pre-planned and reactive maintenance provider covering all regions throughout Scotland. JLcom Group have divisional local teams based in Scottish regions to support their clients demanding needs. JLcom Group work with education and industry to support their infrastructure, as they drive forward and expand their business. At JLcom Group we carefully select our divisional teams attracting new talent and continue to retain our workforce creating exciting career pathways and opportunities.

Gary McArthur

Owner and Managing Director

“We remain a privately owned independent company, the approach we adopt to our clients property solutions and maintenance programmes have been well received by many of our clients, often being told we do things differently and think outside the box, cliché maybe; but as a business we always question why we do things, just because it is the way we have always addressed our property [portfolio in the past, it does not mean we need to continue to do so. It is important we really take time to understand our client’s expectations of their property and ensure we deliver real sustainable value for the future.

Our management team do not take a back seat, their work ethos is to have an integral team approach to each discipline our divisions deliver, providing professional, direct advice to ensure every client receives the best solution, within their budget with a comprehensive maintenance program that will support the lifecycle of the solutions and services we propose.

I am very proud of the Group we have created here at JLcom Group, we have a professional, experienced workforce that tick all the boxes in respect to the diversity of our products, however it is the JLcom Group Attitude that drives our business, allowing us to prosper and grow our people and our market position.”

Meet the Team

Audrey Ballard

Office Manager

Brian Ross

Fire & Security Manager

Donna Hemingway

Head of Finance

Sean Stutt

Mechanical and Electrical Manager, and Facilities Services Manager

Thomas (Tam) McDonnell

Project Manager