Building on two decades of success, the JL Com Group strive to develop and support industry through this latest expansion. The new West Lothian facility will enable the Group to deliver staff career programmes, blended learning and a training hub welcoming all industry partners. 

“As a Group we have expanded with remarkable year-on-year growth” says Owner and Managing Director Gary McArthur. “What we have achieved would never have been possible without the commitment of our divisional leaders, operators and hardworking administration staff. Our commitment to clients is as important as our investment in our people, we understand their needs for the long term and deliver a strategy that improves their property assets value and delivery”.

JL Academy and Logistics Hub will allow the Group to train staff, support apprenticeship programs and work placements as well as deliver core disciplines in building services and problem solving. With a clear understanding of core values, the Group optimise day-to-day functions while attracting new talent and services that strengthen partnerships with clients throughout Scotland.

Like most businesses the JL Com Group struggled to adapt to the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19. “Thankfully due to the forward-thinking approach of our divisions, disruption was minimal, and we continue to increase staff and services to allow us to deal with our client’s property. Providing safe, smart facilities to our clients, reducing operational and energy costs” says John McGee (Strategic Planning & Development). 

Jim Henderson (Economic Development) and his team at the West Lothian council offered incredible support in the search for a new premises. “After postponed visits and challenges due to lockdown we can finally announce we are delighted to move into West Lothian at our new facility at Turnbull Way”

The Group aims to continue delivering the best Apprentice programmes and skills development by developing strong industry relationships within the sector. “We will be continuing to engage with West Lothian College and Heriot Watt University to support student and Graduate opportunities as we create career pathways for all building services disciplines” says John.

“We are working closely with Skills Development Scotland and Damien Yates (Chief Executive Skills Development Scotland leadership) and his team, a valuable support to us as we continue to deliver quality training throughout Scotland” 

Opening the new JL Academy and Logistics hub will play a key role in making skills development more accessible throughout the region. “As we face challenges in travel we look to reduce unnecessary overnight expenditure and make attending courses more accessible” says Deborah Chapman (Commercial Manager). “Livingston is a fantastic, short distance from our headquarters in Edinburgh, a great location and gateway to strengthen and support our clients in the central belt.”

With the expansion underway, the future looks bright for the JL Com as they strive to build a more skilled workforce for Scotland through collaboration and better opportunities for learners.